Renalson Trading Co.Renalson Trading Co.Renalson Trading Co.
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Renalson Trading Co.Renalson Trading Co.Renalson Trading Co.

We aim to provide markets with unique and high-quality food items.

In the food sector, we work with the most important suppliers in Brazil, which, in turn, are the main chicken producers worldwide.

Their way of working is through official resellers with registered trademarks; that is, they do not sell directly to buyers, with the exception of their own commercial offices in different countries, such as China, but at a significantly higher cost and price.

Commission Zero Risk Guaranteed

We receive our Commissions under two modalities that will be agreed, according to the convenience and choice of the Client: Regarding the Commissions, we also want to comment that the charge of the same will depend on the preference of the Provider; Basically, we work on this point in two ways: (i) Charging the equivalent of the percentage of our commission, at the price of the product (in this case, the buyer must make the payment and charge the price of the product, plus the cost of commissions), or (ii) taking advantage of the lowest possible price, net of commissions, from the supplier (in which case, the buyer will issue the payment instrument at the value of the "net" cost of the product, which will result in in a lower operating cost), and you will have to face the cost of the commission, in a separate payment.

Additionally, we inform you that in general, our Company operates the collection of commissions, through the "Paymaster" service, which facilitates the payment process and has no cost for the buying and selling Parties. In the event of using this service, in a transparent manner, the Paymaster will be involved in the IMPFA, at the time of its signature.

In all our contracts, we generate and strictly respect a procedure at ZERO RISK TRANSACTION (ZRT). Indeed, we suggest our exporting Clients to operate through Bank Guarantee / Stand-By Letter of Credit ("SBLC") or Documented Letters of Credit ("DLC" / "Confirmed" LC"), as the only EFFICIENT and SAFE payment method , since they are the ones that EFFECTIVELY GUARANTEE the collection, always against the presentation of all the required documents, in due form, when managing the collection, obviously.

Once the Seller confirms that said payment instrument is operative, it can start the operative process until the corresponding dispatch in the cargo port (brazil).

Once this process has been successfully concluded, the seller seizes the corresponding certificates (already previously agreed between the parties during the negotiation) so that they are sent via "bank to bank" to the issuing bank for the correct release of the funds.

For the buyer / importer counterpart, likewise the ZRT under any of the aforementioned payment methods, will ensure that each delivery is fully GUARANTEED, since only the accreditation of the load, in accordance with the contractual stipulations in quality and quantity (which is will confirm with the required documentary presentation), will enable the Seller / Exporter to manage each collection.


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