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Egg Powder

This product is made with fresh eggs from our own birds, with careful control measures that begin at the appropriate farms, continue in transitory storage and, with much more emphasis on production lines. In this way, the product obtained from fed eggs preserves the natural freshness and, therefore, remains for a year or more without alteration.

We can ensure that our product maintains not only its organoleptic quality but also functional. It is the only dehydrated egg that can be used in the manufacture of cookies as if it were made with freshly shelled eggs.

  • for 18 months at cool and dry room temperature without the need for cold rooms.
  • classified and self-produced eggs, approved bacteriological value.
  • by specialized personnel with appropriate techniques.
  • it stays fresh longer.
  • an unpleasant smell or taste.
  • equipment and circuits is easier and more efficient, without leaving waste that causes risks.
  • with minimal variations.
  • being more precise the level of egg in the pasta.
  • of drawers and maples.
  • staff buying fresh eggs and supervising them.
  • breakage staff and break room cleaning and disinfection costs.
  • scientific update
  • of the resulting product are at the best internationally competitive levels. The product control methods respond to updated analytical techniques and adequate precision. Our technical department can answer questions about the quality and use of this product.