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We aim to provide the best source, service and supply of product, allied to first class technical advice and support, to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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We are Renalson Trading & Consulting Company.

We are a young company, formed by a group of passionate professionals specialized in the areas of Consulting and Trading, with direct and indirect suppliers in large markets including Europe, Latin America and Asia. 

Our Mission

Protect the interest of our clients based on knowledge and professional services through legal documentation and zero risk.

Our Vision

Connect markets, worldwide, under strict business standards, efficiency and business ethic, through young and dynamic work environment.
Negociation Zero Risk Transaction Fully Guaranteed Secure & Sustainable Business
We aim to respect our customers with added value service to their business, 

supporting them and cooperating in each step of the negotiations which they trust our intermediation service; We are convinced that the transparency and trust generated definitely facilitate transactions between parties that, in general, negotiate over long distances and -often- with differences in culture, languages and time zones.
In all our contracts, we generate and strictly respect a procedure at ZERO RISK. 

Indeed, we suggest our exporting Clients to operate through Bank Guarantee / Stand-By Letter of Credit ("SBLC") or Documented Letters of Credit ("DLC" / "Confirmed" LC"), as the only EFFICIENT and SAFE payment method , since they are the ones that EFFECTIVELY GUARANTEE the collection, always against the presentation of all the required documents, in due form, when managing the collection, obviously. Once the Seller confirms that said payment instrument is operative, it can start the operative process until the corresponding dispatch in the cargo port.
Once this process has been successfully concluded, the seller seizes the corresponding certificates, 

(already previously agreed between the parties during the negotiation) so that they are sent via "bank to bank" to the issuing bank for the correct release of the funds. For the buyer / importer counterpart, likewise the ZRT under any of the aforementioned payment methods, will ensure that each delivery is fully GUARANTEED, since only the accreditation of the load, in accordance with the contractual stipulations in quality and quantity (which is will confirm with the required documentary presentation), will enable the Seller / Exporter to manage each collection.
In this way, the Buyer will ensure the effective load and will not see his payment threatened in the face of possible breaches or fraud by the selling party. 

In this way, the Buyer will ensure the effective load and will not see his payment threatened in the face of possible breaches or fraud by the selling party. In this way, we ensure that the procedure is free from emerging risks and ensures equitable SECURITY for the contracting parties, their agents and intermediaries, both during the negotiation stage and throughout the contractual relationship, thus denoting our firm intention to generate SUSTAINABLE businesses adding value to our Clients who, under ZRT contracting conditions, minimize their commercial and financial risks. Understanding our suggestion of ZRT to Clients, we also inform you how we formalize our commercial relationship, as Intermediaries.

Take some easy steps for processing

Please, find below our regular Procedure to complete each step towards the SPA Execution Path (‘SEP’). Notwithstanding the following SEP, it is worthy to take into account that each negotiation and / or deal could have particular conditions that would be able to bring certain changes to it.


After Parties sign NCNDA, the Buyer issues an LOI in order to receive a FCO (or Pro-Forma invoice, instead) from the Seller.

2. The Buyer issues an ICPO

Providing also a BCL (P.O.F.), both duly addressed to the Seller.

3. Draft

The Seller issues a draft version of the SPA for the Buyer's review (terms agreed upon).

4. Agreement

The Buyer signs the draft-SPA contract and returns it by email, indicating its agreement.

5. RWA (P.O.F.) + P.O.P.

The Buyer issues a RWA (P.O.F.) via SWIFT to the Seller's bank; once duly received, the Seller responds in the same way, with the P.O.P.

6. Draft Payment Instrument

The Buyer sends to the Seller, a draft of the Payment Instrument.

7. The Seller signs the SPA

SPA Hard Copy: If (ii),once Parties agree and solve modifications / suggestions, the Seller issues four (4) hard copies of the final approved contract to be signed and exchanged.

8. Payment Instrument

The Buyer opens the Operative Payment Instrument via SWIFT – MT (DLC must be Irrevocable, Divisible, Transferable, Confirmed (referred to field ‘53A’, UCP600), at Sight.

Parties to begin Operations according to SPA and its Delivery Schedule, including Payment Terms & Conditions.


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