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Renalson Trading Co.Renalson Trading Co.Renalson Trading Co.

6. The Buyer sends to the Seller, a draft of the Payment Instrument

(if a RWA as indicated in the point 5- above, has not been sent, this draft has to be a ‘non-operative instrument’ duly sent by its bank, via SWIFT – MT, to the Seller’s bank), in order to agree on its terms & conditions, to the Buyer’s bank (if a SWIFT MT would have corresponded, the Seller’s bank shall responds, assuming corresponding Seller’s commitment to grant PB in Buyer’s favor);

PB (“Performance Bonus”): After confirmation of the existence of funds to meet the payment of the SPA price and within the next ten (10) business days, the Seller will issue an operating PB in favor of the Buyer for a guaranteed amount equivalent to 2% PB is included as a clause in the contract (the clause in short says: If the SELLER breaches the contract for a reason inherent therein, the SELLER agrees to cover the financial costs of opening the the DLC), instead the client who pays with SBLC if 2% PB is opened as a bank guarantee. These are the only differences that will guarantee any default of the Seller regarding the obligations assumed, related to the delivery of products.

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